Manufacturing and Services

With the implementation of world-class medical GMP and cutting-edge technological equipments, Salus Bioceutical facilities are able to generate various forms of cannabis extractions. Dried cannabis flowers can be extracted into CBD distillate, CBD oil, CBD isolate, and CBD water soluble. And each form of extraction can be used for formulating countless cannabis related products. We provide flexibility to our clients to employ our full services in terms of producing various forms of CBD extracts under Salus Bioceutical formulations and advise what will suit best to their products. Moreover, we have granted our clients to have external biomass manufacture under our EU-GMP grade facilities.

Product R&D

We are highly determined to provide suggestions in terms of designing and developing optimised models that serve individual requirements. With the experienced R&D team, Salus Bioceutical laboratory is ready to design, suggest, develop the prototype, enlighten the production processes, and all related trials thoroughly. The clients can easily apply to further expansion of their industrial scale.