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Crude oils
01 - 03
Crude oils
CBD distillate
CBD isolate
CBD water
04 - 05
CBD water soluble powder
CBD water soluble liquid
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All through industrials
Food & Beverage
Soda, Sparkling water, Chill shots, Cookies, Coffee and Vitamin water
Cream, Lotion, Serum, Emulsion, Toner for Moisturizing, Calming and Soothing, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-acne effects
Oil, Cream, Ointment for pain relief, tablet, Soft Gelatin Capsule, Solution for anti-seizure, anti-inflammatory effects
Tablet, Powder, Liquid, Jelly and Gummies for sleep aids and relaxing effect
Massage Oil for pain relief, Scrub for brightening and smoothing the skin, and Aroma spray for relaxing
Animal Feed
CBD powder for animal treats and pellet, CBD oil drops for pet


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Cannabis 101
Cannabis 101
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Cannabinoid Precursors: CBGA and CBGVA
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How endocannabinoid system support your health
Accurate, consistent and reliable cannabis products
Salus Bioceutical (Thailand) has acquired advanced extraction and production technologies including highest available manufacturing standards from ExtractX, the best-in-class cannabis-extraction technology from Canada. We implement our procedures under GMP medical standard with a high-capacity EU-GMP grade extraction machine of ethanol extraction processes to ensure that our products are accurate, consistent, and reliable for the well-being of Thai people and across Southeast Asia.
Cannabis expert partner solution
With our expertise and capability, we not only create high-quality products but also seek opportunities to be the solution partner in the cannabis-related products market under their own brands. We support our clients throughout the process from product development to finished product for mass production as required.
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